Student Letting – A Better Way?

15 November 2014

Student Letting – A Better Way?

Independent Financial Advisors have in the past struggled somewhat to find an appropriate way incorporate new rental properties within a ‘typical’ investment portfolio as identifying them has never been easy.

The article, by Sevi Rixson of Urban Student, just published in the sector leading IFA Magazine, clearly explains that it is now possible and quite easy to become an ‘armchair’ investor in property. It calls for IFAs to take a closer look at this lucrative sector and explains how individuals can now access the returns provided by the much loved freehold multi-let student house. In particular how Urban Student’s Fully Completed Income Producing Investment (FCIPI) scheme means that they don’t have to have any ‘day-to-day’ involvement.

With rising student numbers the article covers why many students are now experiencing difficulties in securing quality and affordable accommodation in their chosen University towns. It also clearly outlines the current market including Houses of Multiple Occupancy; the growing trend towards Permitted Development to provide additional properties; and why ‘Pod’ developments are loosing their lustre.

The upcoming changes in pension rules article are also highlighted, which makes property an attractive investment option alternative to more traditional annuities; particularly as it remains an asset and can be passed on to subsequent generations.

Sevi is quoted saying: “Property remains a good investment, and IFAs can now include this option in their recommended portfolios. Going the FCIPI route opens up student property investment to many more individuals; bringing more quality property onto the market with a long term high yield revenue stream and a solid level of property appreciation tied in for good measure.”

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